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What is IVAO?

The International Virtual Aviation Organization, IVAO, is, as its name indicates, a nonprofit organization of international reach legally constituted in Belgium, country where the Headquarters are situated.

IVAO provides us a global platform where we simulate the air operations as real as possible sharing the same virtual airspace with other pilots and controllers around the world.

All the services provided by IVAO to its more than 160.000 members around the globe are done so by means of its 58 divisions, each one of them representing a country or group of countries.

Our motto is "As real as it gets". Therefore, we simulate flights with real up-to-date weather and adequate operations to what is established on the argentinian civil aviation regulations.

we know that people who join the nework are on its mojority, students or amateurs, therefore, in order to achieve the highest grade of realism, we qualify and train this public.

We count with a professional team of the aviation (real pilots and air traffic controllers), who, by means of training programmes, provide training with real documentation and bibliography.

Our engagement is with the civil aviation. Therefore, where we are from, we try to foment it, nucleating future pilots , offering a place where to practice phraseology and procedures in a easy and safe way.

The best point of this is that it is free and accessible for everyone. You only need to count with a computer with Internet access.

To participate on our network, it is not necessary being a pilot nor being stating the career. This is an sane activity where the training is part of our motto to reach the aim of doing it "as real as it gets".

Now that you met us, what are you waiting for? Join us and start flying. Brighten up yourself! Do not be afraid, as we were already in your position once.