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Director's Welcome

Dear Member,
Welcome to IVAO Argentina

From now on, you are one of us. Your age, genre or knowledge do not matter. You are now part of this community, where fellowship, self-improvement and teamwork matters. These features come from the aeronautical passion that joins us in the depths of our being.

The world which you just joined is maybe one of the most wonderful worlds you can know. You will have the possibility to feel a professional pilot or air traffic controller by means of a specialized software developed by the team of the Headquarters of the organization that will allow you to share the whole world's virtual airspace without borders nor political barriers. You will be able to speak spanish while flying a Boeing 737 in Argentina or you will speak english with controllers when you cross a european airspace on your Airbus 340 being monitored on a radar.

Our motto is "As real as it gets". That is why we train our members constantly to improve the operations simulation's quality. IVAO Argentina Staff counts with professional people in all the areas willing to achieve our goals together. Lessons, conferences, trainings and seminaries for free at your fingertips. You will learn how to fly an aircraft through airways, communicate in english and spanish, you will learn the concepts of the flight and you will be able to perform a low visibility instrumental approach without any problem.

You do not have to be pilot nor controller. We do not care if you are going to start a career in this world, doubting or if you are already on it. We are interested in you to enjoy this community and the services we provide. Please be aware that you can count with the support of the argentinian staff to progress, grow and learn.

You are at the gates of an organization of global reach, with more than 160.000 members, 58 divisions and still counting. Each one of them has its own team that serve and work ad honorem with the aim of taking our network to the periphery and continue growing to foment what puts us together at the same point: the passion for the aviation. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be proud of help you start.

After a little time from joining in, you will understand the pride of belonging to this network and the privilege that its membership means. You will meet commercial and private pilots, air traffic controllers, enthusiasts, aircraft constructors, military aviators and much more. You will take part in virtual events, will fly world tours and will get to know the world.

The online simulated aviation is booming, it is fascinating, catching and challenging. You have the chance to meet this world. I imagine that after reading what I told you, you are not going to loose the opportunity to take the simulator and make it "as real as it gets", won't you?

On behalf of IVAO Argentina Staff, Kind regards,
Alan Kevin Link
Director - Argentina