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Team Speak 3

TeamSpeak 3, is a software, used as a voice communication tool over IP by excelence on IVAO Argentina. It allows members to chat with other members as it was a conference or virtual call.

Members must download the software in order to be able to connect to the IVAO Argentina TeamSpeak 3 server. Once connected, you will settle on the channel and will be able to start using it. To join our server, click here

On TeamSpeak 3, you will find other users and STAFF members, who you will be able to talk to, get information or resolve any query. Incidents, queries or questions related to IVAO can be reolved quickly by this mean.

We are waiting for you!

REGULATIONS | Last update – 01 JAN 2019

1 – Generalities

1.1. The present server must be used exclusively by IVAO Argentina or virtual airlines (VA) members and/or special operations groups (SOG) registered on IVAO Argentina.

1.2. New users will only be approved by AR HQ.

1.3. IVAO Rules & Regulations will be followed on this server too.

1.4. Those ones not complying with any article of these regulations will be temporarily/permanently banned. In case of incurring with failing to the IVAO R&R, additional suspensions may be adedd.

1.5. Articles for this doc may be amended, added or deleted by IVAO Argentina HQ.

1.6. The user shall check the latest update of these regulations.

2 -Nicknames and descriptions

2.1. All users must connect with their name and/or surname as registered on the network followed by the VID as the nickname.

2.2. Staff members must connect with their nickname with their name and/or surname followed by a vertical bar and the staff callsign. i.e.: “Mariane | AR-XXX”

2.3. Nicknames with staff positions or the prefix “AR-” that mat may lead into members' confusion will not be accepted.

3 – Behaviour

3.1. No members will be banned, kicked, moved or muted without explicit authorisation from the HQ or the affected member.

3.2. No recording will be allowed without explicit authorisation from the HQ or the affected members.

3.3. It is prohibited to play music or broadcast any other type of sound that hurts other members moral and/or susceptibility.

4 – Channels

4.1. The channel Salas de Estar are for general use by members, no matter if they are flying or controlling.

4.2. The channel Salas de Juegos are off topic, so communication about all types of games is allowed.

4.3. Channels Coordinación ATC, Entrenamiento, Exámenes, etc. must be used for such aims.

4.4. The channel Operaciones Especiales shall be used with explicit authorisation and supervision of AR-SOC or AR-SOAC.

4.5. Channels Aerolíneas Virtuales and Grupos SO shall be used exclusively by their members. Channel Commander users are allowed to kick those ones who do not belong to the VA/SOG or the VA/SOG staff. Any other type of kick will be sanctioned.

4.6. All channels have visibility for all members to know who is in which channel.

4.7. The creation, deletion, modification of any type of channel or sub-channel, as well as permissions are up to IVAO Argentina HQ.

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