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Competitions Tournament



The present document is constituted for the purposes of the rules and conditions for the “Competitions Tournament 2017” of IVAO Argentina. Any situation that overreaches the present document will be up to IVAO Argentina HQ.
Events and Special Operations Departments will be responsible of carrying out the tournament development, as well as the election of judges, auditors and the necessary extra staff for the correct audit and performing of the competitions.
Any query must be sent to torneo@ivao.com.ar


The tournament will be composed of a minimum of 10 competitions. In the case of some competitions need to be added, they will resolve a draw or any other situation decided by IVAO Argentina HQ.
Five types of competitions will be considered:

  • Low height competition.
  • Checkpoints competition.
  • Precision landing competition.
  • Relay competition.
  • Search competition.

These ones will repeat twice until totalizing 10 competitions. Each competition will be individual, however, relay and search competitions must be performed in group. This will be developed later.
For the purposes of an audit, partakers might need to set up extra software as Teamviewer and give access to their auditor to audit the correct operation of the competitions.


Partakers must be IVAO active members, no matter their division.
Members caught cheating will be permanently excluded from the competition.
In order to take part, you must apply sending an email to torneo@ivao.com.ar indicating your first name, surname and VID. Partakers may apply at any time.
Individual people or VA (virtual airlines) or SOG (special operations groups) may apply. In this last case, the CEO must send an email indicating who will represent them in the individual competitions and who will represent them in the group ones. In the group ones, the one who was designated to represent in the individual ones, will be called "Team Captain".


A point will be granted for the medal Aviation Celebration Tours and Events to all partakers who finish the competition. This means that if a partaker that must fly from A to B and B to C, flies only B-C or does not arrive to C, the partaker will not receive the point.
When finishing all the competitions, the 3 top partakers will be considered winners and will receive the award Division Pilot Skills Tour.
The winners will be announced in December through the official IVAO Argentina forum, website and social networks.
For the VAs or SOGs which apply, the corresponding recognisement will be provided through the social networks. However, points will be awarded to the partakers who represent them. In the case of the tournament winners, the award will be given to who represents the VA or SOG according to the application email.


The scoring for each competition will vary according to what is established on the sections of each one.
In the case of group competitions, points will be awarded individually, this means that if Team 1 wins 100 points, 100 points will be awarded to each member of the team.
The scoring will vary according to each competition. Similarly, the number of awarded partakers will vary, that is to say that, in a competition, points will be awarded to the partaker with the closest aim or the three closest partakers, for example.
In order to receive the points, you will need to file your flight report in the MODA system under the item TORNEO17. Additionally, it will have to be reported the way required on each competition, if need be.
Partakers, who apply for the Tournament and do not attend, will be scored with 0 (zero) on that competition.
In all cases, only one disconnection may be allowed. All those crashed will be scored with 0 points on the same competition.


Sceneries will be made only for Microsoft Flight Simulator (any version). The successful performance is not guaranteed on Prepar3D. Sceneries for X-Plane will not be made. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to set up the above mentioned simulator.



You will take off from an airport and will land on the same, after crossing the other two designated airports. The three pilots, who fly at the lowest height during the whole flight, will receive 100, 90 and 75 points, the highest score being awarded to the lowest height and in that order. The competition's type is individual and without time or aircraft restrictions. Those ones, who crash, will be disqualified. In case of disconnection, the race will need to be restarted. Only one disconnection may be allowed. If a second disconnection occurs, the partaker will be disqualified.


On a pattern scenery with air race style, certain crossings through checkpoints will need to be complied with one of the three aircraft categories (see annex). Pilots, who perform the best timing between the start and the end, will receive 130, 110 and 95 points. The competition's type is individual and time penalty will take place for those ones who do not cross the checkpoints. Aircraft restrictions will be applied. For each failed checkpoint, a penalty of 5 secs will be applied. Whoever finishes the race with the least time, will win the competition.
In case of accident, the partaker will be automatically disqualified. Races will be audited through TeamViewer by the IVAO staff. Therefore, each partaker before attending, will have to provide via private message their Teamviewer ID and passwordto the auditor and will follow his instructions. The audit will follow the next pattern:

  • Realism Configuration
  • Correct MTL selection
  • Auditor escorting until the takeoff.
  • When this is checked, teamviewer may be disconnected and the competition will start.

We will find 2 types of auditors: field and personal. The personal auditor will check by means of TeamViewer that the partaker configures the realism and that the selected aircraft on the simulator is the same as the filed MTL on the flightplan. If the required MTL does not exist, the auditor will decide which MTL should be used. The personal auditor will be located on the apron with all the partakers and will control the attendance of the partakers that applied for the competition. Likewise, he will give the departure instructions to the partakers, separating them by categories (from small to big). The personal auditor will not last more than 2 mins in controlling the partaker in order not to amend the development of the race. It is recommended to check while another partaker is competing in order to speed up the event. The auditor will monitor the partaker's development inside the race using FSX/P3D as it allows th user to observe other player directly and on real-time while it flies. The auditor will be located on the center of the field, will cron the partaker and will pay special attention to the possible mistakes that could be made. The auditor will indicate the partaker the moment to ingress the field and then will remain in silence until the pilot finishes the competition.


Pilots with the highest score will have to land on a scenery created on the runway of an aerodrome. Two touches will be performed. The first one will be used for acommodating to the scenery and wind conditions and the second one will be used to decide the score. The score will correspond to what is marked on the ground with the main landing gear. An escape on the second landing will be qualified as zero points. Those ones who crash will be disqualified. In case of a disconnection, the race will have to be restarted. Only one disconnection will be allowed. Likewise, we will have field and personal auditors.


An aircraft will take off from an aerodrome A to an aerodrome B. When it touches the runway, the partner will be able to take off to the aerodrome C. Similarly, when this one lands on C, the partner will be able to take off to A. The total time will be counted from the first pilot's takeoff time to the last pilot's landing time. 100 points will be scored to each member of the team with the lowest amount of time. 90 points will be scored to each member of the team with the second lowest amount of time. This is a group competition without aircraft restrictions. The quantity of team members must equal the legs to flown. Any team with less members will not be admitted.


Several geometrical shapes on the ground will need to be searched. The same will vary on colour and characters drawn on them. A search zone around an airport will be given and 3 signals given to each team will have to be found. The teams will divide the search task at their convenience. Each time a team member finds a flag, the member will have to send its position to the rest of the team and all of them must fly to that position. When all of them arrive to the position, they will fly together to the base and will take off to search the second flag. The same procedure will be performed for the rest of the flags. When the last pilot lands, the time will be over.
The team who perform the search within the lowest amount of time will receive 130 points. The second team will receive 110 points and the third one will receive 100 points. The scores will be granted individually to each team member.
This is a group competition and there will be a maximum of 5 members per team.


Aircraft categories for the checkpoints competition.