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Privacy Policy

The Argentinian division takes part in the GCA program according to the point 5.1.7 of IVAO R&R.

A practical assessment will be performed in order to assess if the applicant fulfills the following requirements:

  • Hold a minimum rating of ADC (Aerodrome Controller).
  • Understand English and Spanish.
  • Know the approved local phraseology.
  • Know the current guidelines and local procedures.
  • Have particular and general knowledge about the airspace you are about to control.

In order to hold the GCA, the user shall:

  • Keep an exemplar behaviour, specially respect to the other users.
  • Control at least 4 hours monthly.


  • Ratings are restricted as follows:
  • If the member wants to control on an ATC position which does not comply with the rating restrictions mentioned above, the member will have to request it and an additional check may be required for the requested ATC position. For more information, please contact entrenamiento@ivao.com.ar
  • The GCA can be withdrawn at any time without warning, should the requirements are not fulfilled.

Any controller who does not belong to the division without holding the GCA, may be disconnected without warning.

In order to obtain the GCA, contact IVAO Argentina HQ on ar-hq@ivao.aero